Visualize your plant in 2D or 3D graphics and user layer- and zooming techniques as well as the linking of external objects for a user-friendly information representation.

  • Multi-monitor Operator Stations and Video Walls
  • Redundant Operator Stations and Tracing of Operator Actions
  • On-Site Viewer with direct PLC Link (Emergency Control)
  • Multi-lingual (incl. Asiatic, Cyrillic and Persian character sets)
  • 3D Visualization
  • Screen-in-screen Views
  • Dynamic Visualization Screens (Creation of Screens during Runtime)
  • Web Client for Tablet and Smartphone Access
  • Playback Manager
  • Two-stage Control with Validation Check
  • Individual Configuration of HMI Sets for all Work Stations
  • Zooming, Decluttering, Panning, Moving of Process Screens
  • Layer Technology, LOD (Level of Detail)
  • Embedding of ActiveX Objects, Videostreams, Live Cams and Microsoft Office Applications
  • Cross References to I/O cards,  PLC programs and I/O Schematics
  • Integrated Authority Control Logic between different Control Rooms or Work Stations
  • Online Data and Logic Monitor
  • Customized Workspace Design and Profiles