AutomationX is a distributed control system for miscellaneous applications. With the framework a central communication node is established that provides a comprehensive platform for sub-systems deployed to different hardware components.

  • Stand alone Sites (Location, Craft, Production Unit)
  • Utilization of Distributed Hardware Resources
  • Centralized System Monitoring
  • High Availability and Data Integrity through Clusters, Redundancy and Field-Bus Concepts

AutomationX is scaleable, that means that for a simple plant all functions are handled by one single server station. This station contains the framework and all required applications for the subsystems. Large and distributed plants are equipped with an automationX load-balancing procedure for the framework on one hand that shares the load to several server stations (clustering). On the other hand the sub-systems will be deployed to an external and autarkic hardware. Especially for the IEC 61131-3 control the hardware resources and I/O cards of different manufacturers are integrated to form a unique overall system.

Only one engineering tool is required, the automationX IDE. Whether the logic controller or, for example, the Profibus system shall be designed redundantly (hot-standby), it is only a effort of a few mouse clicks – automationX has already implemented these features in the core system. This guarantees a high availability of the system. The data exchange between logic control units is handled by a direct TCP/IP link while HMI applications and other sub-systems request the framework service for data exchange.

The Smart Client stations use their own resources and automatically upload the required application programs. The hierarchical architecture starting with the automation classes and their clear interfaces is continued in single plants represented as a standalone site embedded in a multi-site environment. Each site provides data for other sites in the same way as classes provides data for the process sequence.