Building Control System

Building control system at a high level

  • Control and visualisation
  • Energy management 
  • Ventilation controls 
  • Control of cooling and air conditioning systems 
  • Interfaces with subsystems (fire protection, access, etc.)

Control and visualisation

A wide range of building control projects can be configured quickly and easily (‘drag-and-drop’) by using the automated objects already tested for lighting, room control and numerous other functions. After being configured centrally by several technicians at once, the solution can be distributed to smart, local control units. Visualisation, control and data recording are resolved in a software environment.

Energy management

Energy saving is one of the most important challenges facing present and future generations. In automationX, data from all the systems in a building are merged in one database. Regular monitoring of this data makes it possible to draw conclusions about future energy demand. Intelligent load shedding algorithms and precise control loops reduce energy consumption, thus helping to save money.

Ventilation control

Climate control has a significant influence on the well-being of us all. Ready-to-use software modules are available both for simple temperature regulation and for sophisticated ventilation systems featuring humidification, heat recovery and cooling.

Control of cooling and air conditioning systems

AutomationX has experience in the visualisation and control of cooling and air conditioning systems. Compound refrigeration systems as well as the cooling cabinets and room climate are controlled and monitored using the same software product. Data recording, trending and functions such as breakdown alarm forwarding are already integrated.


Building control systems frequently come into contact with subsystems such as fire protection systems, access control systems and house bus systems featuring widely differing interface links. AutomationX has already realised a wide range of different interfaces.