Bakeries – Beverages – Baking additives - Mills

  • Silo control 
  • Recipe management BATCH
  • Production planning MES
  • Quality management
  • Batch tracking
  • Tank control system
  • Building services 
  • Central control station

Silo control – visualisation included!

The automationX software helps to control and monitor all dosing lines. The system is engineered and tested in a simulation mode. Detailed visualisations that help to find faults more easily are available for the in-house technician.

Recipe management BATCH

The aXbatch recipe management system takes care of the management, versioning and release of recipes. It not only involves the dosing of raw materials, but also the definition and recording of all parameters and activities for further processing.

Production planning MES

The automationX production planning tool aXproduction helps to plan the production by taking into material, personnel and machines into consideration. After planning is finished, the workload of personnel and machines as well as the material demand can be calculated at the push of a button.

Batch tracking

All the data accumulated in production is saved in a database and can be easily analysed. Thus, for example, a search can be done for products in which a certain raw material batch has been used.

Building services – Energy management

automationX is not only able to visualise and operate all technical installations in the building, such as lighting, air-conditioning and cooling, but also to control them. automationX brings together all the data of a building on one platform and thus optimises its energy consumption.