automationX® is a scalable and modular designed DCS with a common platform for engineering, visualization, control and for the management of small plants up to distributed control systems.

It is based on the latest technology and besides SCADA, PLC, MES, APC and TC modules provides an open integration platform for application-specific IT infrastructures. automationX® is scalable from small single-user solutions up to distributed control systems. automationX®’s range of services includes, among others, the recording and processing of data for control purposes on the field level, data concentrators and local head-ends as well as central control rooms.
An integral part of this is integrated programming and the use of hardware platforms of various manufacturers. In addition, standardised communication protocols are available for the integration of foreign systems and controls. The software and hardware systems developed by AutomationX are designed to provide as much availability as possible and to meet the individual demands of the market.

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