Tunnel Control Technology

With a complete software solution

  • Control and visualisation 
  • Interfaces with subsystems 
  • Traffic management 
  • Helpdesk

More than one hundred kilometres of tunnels have already been equipped with automationX software and hardware solutions.

Control and visualisation

  • Lighting 
  • Ventilation 
  • Low voltage distribution 
  • Water treatment

These systems are directly controlled and visualised in tunnel systems using automationX software. The software is programmed centrally and subsequently distributed to individual local control units. As a result, a software program operates at a number of different automation levels. Interfaces are minimised. Local control units and the control stations communicate with one another by means of standardised protocols (including IEC104, OPC and others).

Interfaces with subsystems

  • SOS telephones 
  • Tunnel radio systems 
  • Video monitoring 
  • Traffic counting

Subsystems are linked via different protocols, including SNMP, Modbus, RS232, RS485 and others. These interfaces are already present in numerous subsystems in the automationX system.

Traffic management

The interplay of the systems controlled by automationX with the subsystems linked via interfaces is managed in traffic programs. These programs can easily be configured by the user. The programs can be activated manually or automatically, depending on their security level.


More than 200,000 signals converge in control rooms. AutomationX has developed an electronic list of instructions – the aX Helpdesk – to provide operating personnel with guidance. If an incident occurs, an instructions list is displayed for the user. The actions performed are then logged and stored.

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